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As we believe that every person, despite any challenge he/she is facing, has the right to be productive, have a decent job and earn a living, we launched ProAbled to boost a shift in society’s mindset from limiting capacities of people with Physical, Sensorial, Mobility disability and Hearing, Visual impairment  to creating opportunities for them to prove that they are PROfessionally Able.

Under shareQ NGO, ProAbled is a main department aiming for training and integrating into jobs persons with physical and Sensorial disabilities. employment online platform was launched in 2017 to enable small, medium and large companies to search, connect with and recruit candidates with physical and sensorial disabilities. 

ProAbled registration is free of charge, so that large, medium and small companies can use the platform and recruit candidates.

1. For companies that wish to recruit: Click Here to register and become more productive impact recruiters
2. For NGOs that want to collaborate and need support in employing their trainees: Send us an email on
3. For candidates who are looking for employment: Click Here to register individually
4. For companies interested to receive training on "inclusion of Persons with disability"
at work place, contact us on +961 9 232935 or +961 71 410444.

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